Got a Cavity? Fill it with Nanoparticles!

Cavities are an annoying bother to deal with and can cause pain and difficulty eating. Fillings that fall out of your tooth or allow infection to come in under them can cause even more damage. Enter the world of nanoparticles! Scientists have created a nanoparticle mixture which includes silica and zirconia which are less likely to come loose or fracture teeth than the metal alternatives.Next-generation dental materials incorporating nanotechnology aim to help teeth self-heal, rebuild enamel, and protect against bacterial infections.

Since nanodental technologies have been evolving rapidly, safety and cost will be barriers to getting them on the market.  There will need to be time for clinical trials and funding for those trials. Some nanomaterials might be toxic to healthy cells, so these trials would be necessary for nanodental technologies to be proven safe and effective. Patients will also need to be told that a treatment will use materials in the nanometer size range and should be aware of any possible side effects. This new technology could also be expensive, and insurance companies may not want to foot the bill if treatments could be considered cosmetic. It will require a re-structuring of the insurance laws to get some of these products approved.
There is great reason to believe that nanodental technologies will be improving dentistry for the better in the very near future!


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