Filling Material that ‘Heals Teeth’ Singled Out for the Royal Society of Chemistry Award

Scientists from Nottingham University and Harvard’s Wyss Institute recently unveiled an award winning regenerative dental project that could assist in treatment/healing of teeth. The approach utilizes curable bio-matter which issynthetic and therapeutic in nature.

Dr. Adam Celiz, fellow at the Nottingham University, noted that existing dental filling are more often to toxic and incompatible with the pulp tissues in cases of dental injury or disease. The research team therefore developed biomaterials which are placed in direct contact with pulp tissues to in turn facilitate growth/repair of the tooth’s native cell population. Dr. Kyle Vining, research fellow at Harvard’s Wyss Instute, mentioned that their approach had the enormous potential in impacting the dental domain to become more restorative. 

The awards provided a networking and partnership platform to the winning group, in the form of tailored support from multinational franchises and industry partners, together with media support, entrepreneurship training, cash prize of £3,000among other incentives.


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