Global Dental Prosthetics Market to Grow at an Annual Rate of 6.55% During the Period 2016-2020

The publication of the Research Report Global Dental Prosthetics Market 2016-2020” revealed that various technological advances within the dental prosthetics domain played a key role in propelling growth of the market. Some of these include 3D imaging, virtual reality training in labs, and electron microscopy. In addition, the use of fixed hybrid prosthesis methods have already gained popularity especially in the European nations and could become a global dentistry approach within the above forecast period. Hybrid materials are made up of titanium implants and zirconium heads, which improve the strength, functionality and aesthetic appearance of dental prosthetics. Also, advances on the methods of nanotechnology based implants have already proved to be useful. Such implants have enabled cell adhesion and protein absorption which in turn facilitates the bone’s healing process.


Another key technological advancement is the use of CAD/CAM technology. The aforementioned methodology has enabled production of dental prosthetics in various designs which conform to a patient’s oral anatomy, making dentistry treatment procedures less invasive with shortened periods of recovery.


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