Ortek’s Electronic Device to Detect the Earliest Signs of Dental Cavities Awarded a U.S. Patent

Ortek Therapeutics Inc., a global conglomerate in the oral bio-technology domain, was recently awarded a US patent on its ECD dental device. The gadget is a system capable of discerning early/pre-cavity decay, which proved to be difficulty via x-ray or visual examination. Laboratory tests on humans have shown that the ECD device can detect initial stages of tooth decay or oral demineralization with 100% accuracy.

In most cases, the back teeth are often more susceptible to tooth decay, and therefore the device is designed to cater for pre-cavity lesions in molars and premolars. The teeth’s biting surface have deep grooves that reveal tooth mineral loss in case of acid attacks responsible for cavity development. With demineralization or fracture, the tooth enamel becomes electrically conductive as the dentinal fluid on the enamel site completes a circuit with battery powered ECD device. The gadget incorporates a probe tip which accurately measures the amount of dentinal fluid seepage (the more the fluid, the greater the pre-cavity lesion). The data obtained could assist dental practitioners to assess the both severity and appropriate treatment of any lesions with minimal invasive care.


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