NCRM Providing a Training Program in Regenerative Medicine for Dental Clinicians from Sept

The Indo-Japanese academic institute, Nichi-in Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) intends to initiate a training program for regenerative medicine proponents by September this year.

Dr. Samuel Abraham, director of NCRM, mentions that the higher study course has already guaranteed partnerships and support from four universities across US and Canada; McMaster University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto and Queen’s University in Canada. To participate in the program, NCRM is already reviewing applications from scientific scholars.

Regenerative medicine is an evolving domain that seeks to offer solutions to incurable diseases via the use of regeneration capable cells. Without a doubt, constant upgrading is requisite, and therefore a need for continuous integration between basic and translational science arises. NCRM plans to cater for the above concern through their web-based training program which serves as a platform where dental clinicians/scientists share ideals. Forums and lectures will be facilitated via webcast from the Toronto University in Canada.


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