Geistlich Biomaterials Launches Global Platform, “Sharing Success”, and Webinar Tour for Dental Professionals as Part of Jubilee Anniversary Celebration

dentist-428646_640.jpgGeistlich Franchise has an incredible history spanning more than twenty years, constantly evolving and pioneering developments in its biomaterials. The company’s Jubilee Anniversary Celebration aims at providing more platforms where collaborative dental proponents will share their regenerative expertise and success. Geistlich has already established a website to cater for the above need, wherein dental professionals in the global dental/clinical practice exchange ideals, experiences and case studies of successful use of the enterprise’s biomaterials.

Geistlich Pharma Corporation continues to set the trend in regenerative dental practice with its superb collection of predictable and proven biomaterials, such as bone complements Geistlich Bio-Oss and Collagen, the resorb bilayer membrane, Geistlich Bio-Gide and the soft tissue collagen matrix, Geistlich Mucograft.

To date, the franchise has overseen well over one thousand publications demonstrating efficacious clinical practice from hundreds of practitioners. The conclusion of the franchise’s Jubilee year will assess and award contributions to their website, with prices including Apple iPads pre-installed with Geistlich’s Patient Info Package on Regenerative dentistry.



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