The Best Products in Dentistry

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The Dental Product Shopper franchise has for a long time been publishing salient dental information based on direct feedback (reviews) from oral health proponents/professionals, providing practical knowledge on new/specific products to bring into the practice. The company recently unveiled its 2016 “Best Products” magazine, having conducted thousands of product evaluations to sieve out the best from the pack.

BISCO’s four products topped the list: the ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL was named among the best bonding agents, together with DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL, CORE-FLO DC and eCEMENT. Other standout products in their respective domains included NSK DENTAL’S TI-MAX Z95L (best hand-piece), PLANMECA’S PROMAX 2D (best digital x-ray apparatus) and DOXA’S CROWN & BRIDGE CEMENT (best cement).

Dental Product Shopper is a digital platform striving to equip the dental sector with in-depth product information. DPS combines the latest product info with unbiased opinions based on real-world experiences; to in turn facilitate proper decision making best suited for clinicians’ practices.


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