Hidden Tooth Infections May Predispose People to Heart Disease

Image result for Hidden tooth infections may predispose people to heart diseaseA study project at the Helsinki University has revealed that an infection on the tooth’s root tip could cause coronary heart disease, even in cases where such an infection lacks symptoms. Dental root tip infections are very hard to detect, with only a slight possibility via xray. It’s most common cause is tooth decay/crumbling from microbial invasion in the dental pulp. The research uncovered a hidden connection between oral ailments and common chronic disorder. As an example, periodontitis, an inflammatory disease affecting the teeth’s surrounding tissues, was found to be a contributing factor to artery disorder/disease and diabetes. The project team incorporated valuable data collection from around 500 Finnish patients with an average age of 60 years and were experiencing heart ailments at the time of study. Their teeth and jaws were carefully examined via panoramic tomography technology, and a staggering 60 percent were found to be inhabiting inflammatory lesions; this being attributed to increased levels of serum antibodies catering for root tip infections.




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