Asia Pacific Biotech News Covers Korean Biotechnology

As a native of Korea it’s always nice to see my country getting international recognition (which it regularly does, as it’s a quite STEM-oriented country overall). The Asia Pacific Biotech News- a biotech magazine based in Singapore- recently published a special feature on Korea’s biotechnology research and development program. The feature looked at 5 different research programs sponsored by the Korean government:

  1. Systems Metabolic Engineering Research (engineering biorefining technology)
  2. Next-Generation Biomass Research (biofuels from algae/water-based organisms)
  3. Convergence Research for Biomedicine (medicine based on convergence research)
  4. Bionano Healthcare Chip Research (integration of bio, nano, and medical technology)
  5. Biosynergy Research (synergizing traditional Eastern medicine with modern drugs)


You can read more about these research projects in the reference link below:


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