Tooth Extraction and Jawbone Osteonecrosis

Image result for Tooth Extraction and Jawbone OsteonecrosisResearch on facial pain syndromes and Cavity Osteonecrosis has uncovered a dire realization; the jaw bone seems to be a frequent harbor for aseptic necrosis, a condition also found in the femoral head which results in poor blood supply to the bone’s area. As a result, many extractions sites that appear to have healed have actually not done so completely. The scenario will often cause pain on areas of the face, head and other distant parts. Although such sites actually do not display any symptoms at all, pathological research has revealed that a combination of dead bone and slowly growing anaerobics will undoubtedly result in a soup of highly toxic waste products which causes cavities.

The scenario has alarmed dental clinicians/proponents. Scientists in the domain have implicated diverse factors ranging from oral surgery methods to clotting factors resulting from microbial/endogenous pathogenesis. This is a new emerging disease entity, though G.V. Black introduced the “bone caries” phenomenon over a hundred years ago.



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