Ozone therapy: A Salient Aspect in Nano-biotechnology

Image result for Ozone therapyNano-biotechnology refers to the methodology of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease/injury, of alleviating pain and improving health/well-being, via nanoscale structured products, biotechnological practise and even the complex machine integrations (nanorobots).

Ozone therapy

The oral cavity resembles an open ecosystem, being involved a unique combination of activities including the control of micro-organism entry and hosting defenses meant to negate them. To avoid elimination, bacteria often seek refuge by sticking to hard dental surfaces or epithelial linings. That in turn leads to the formation and development of oral biofilm, an occurrence documented as a contributing factor to the most common pathologies such dental carries and periodontal ailing. The machine based removal of biofilm and the subsequent use of disinfectants/antibiotics has served as the most conventional means of periodontal therapy. Nonetheless, Ozone (03), composed of a three oxygen atom/triatomic structure, has been utilized in recent times to provide treatment for 250 different pathologies. Ozone therapy has proved to be more effective than the conventional therapeutic modality, since the ozone gas exhibits a relatively high oxidation characteristic (1.5 times more than chloride) requisite in the antimicrobial operations against viruses, fungi and bacteria.




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