Application of Bioactive Materials and Molecules in Dentistry

Image result for Application of Bioactive Materials and Molecules in DentistryRoot Canal Therapy

Portland cement, also referred to as Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), is a bioactive compound employed to preserve the pulp, together with the periodontal tissue vitality. Dental procedures involving the above mentioned material include pulp capping and the perforation repair activities.

Tooth Repair and Regeneration

The Dentin Extracellular Matrix Proteins (ECMPs) refer to bioactive compounds which harbor growth factors/accelerators, in turn facilitating tooth healing and pulp regeneration. Furthermore, ECMPs can stimulate dental stem cell migration and proliferation to areas of injury.

Coating of Implants

Normally, the above undertaking is done via use of metals with requisite physical and mechanical characteristics including low density and mechanical resistance, to in turn guarantee adherence/conformity to other dental and medical devices. Dental implants are manufactured from titanium alloys, which have to be coated with the hydroxyapatite compound to assist in bone formation and healing.

Currently, molecular technologies have surged in the dentistry domain. Bioactive products have played a key role in ensuring negation of concerns arising from antibiotic/anti-microbial medication overuse.



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