Sartorius Launches Crossflow Filter Device

Crossflow filters are primarily used in biopharmaceutical processes to filter materials across a membrane. Sartorius, a pharmaceutical supplier, has recently developed a new crossflow filter device that is designed specifically for use in membrane screening and small-volume process development.
Called the Sartocon Slice 50, the module has a filter area of 50 cm2 and a wide variety of molecular weight cutoffs. The self-contained unit eliminates the need for a compression holder and is available in a choice of two polymers. The first is the Hydrosart membrane, which is a stable polymer suitable for a broad pH range and can be depyrogenated using NaOH at elevated temperatures. It is extremely hydrophilic, making it non-protein-binding and virtually non-fouling. The second is a polyethersulfone membrane (PESU), which is well established in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries, which is a stable polymer that is ideal for a broad pH and temperature range.

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