The Future of Oral Health Care

Image result for The future of oral health careThe global changes to the dentistry practice plus the impact of oral disease are the main concerns of The Future of Oral Health, a journal produced collaboratively by Scientific American Custom Media and the Colgate-Palmolive franchise. It was launched at the American Dental Association’s Annual Conference in Denver, highlighting key ideals (listed below) to ensure the Oral Health landscape improves in terms of prevention and treatment.

Catering for the oral health of the growing elderly population. This peer group is mostly affected by caries and periodontal ailings, therefore the latest biotechnological inventions should be easily accessible, and also be relatively cheap with regard to cost-of-care for the affected.

Integration on oral health with other subfields in medicine. The relationship between dental and medical communities/proponents should de-silo and combine as a whole to deliver better health care to patients.

Constantly employing ideals/philosophies and advancements which mandate more accommodative, real-time/on-demand approaches to cater even for the hard-to-reach populations.



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