The Role of Sedation in Dentistry

Image result for The role of sedation in dentistryOral sedation has played a particularly key role in the treatment of patients with adverse emotions towards dentistry practices. The approach often entails putting patients in a near-sleep-like state, so that they remain almost unconscious in treatment, and later wake up with no negative memories of the undertaking.

Types of the above mentioned methodology include the minimal sedation, wherein a patient inhales a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen to in turn bring in a relaxation feeling. The compound tends to wear off quickly. It serves as the only form of sedation wherein a patient can drive home after a dental procedure. For moderate sedation, the Halcion pill is utilized, being a member of the same drug family as Valium, and is consumed an hour before the operation. Deep sedation involves direct injection of an anesthesia into the veins, making an oral patient remain in a trance till the drug wears off or is reversed with medication.

In live (non-sedated) oral operations, a numbing agent is always applied to the site where the dentist is working on to in turn negate discomfort/pain.



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