Benefits of Laser Treatments for Dental Problems

Image result for Benefits of laser treatments for dental problemsOral medication specialists have come up with computer simulations demonstrating how lasers attack bacterial colonies, advocating for the approach to further enhance oral debridement and promote improved dental care.

Published at the journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, the project specialists have shown how various laser wavelengths can cater to virtual bacterial colonies harbored deep in gum tissue. In humans, the actual disease-forming micro-organisms are to known for cause gum inflammation and gingivitis. The latter has proved quite detrimental as it develops into a more dire infection that cracks down the bones and tissues supporting the teeth. Co-author Lou Reinisch, Ph.D., associate provost for academic affairs at New York Institute of Technology, mentions that the undertaking validates the methodology in periodontal medication.

Reinisch, an expert in laser surgery, utilized a multidisciplinary methodology wherein he combined calculus, physics and optics, to come up with mathematical models conforming to oral tissue attributes. He then generated three different typologies with regard to the impact on various gum sizes and depth.



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