Graphene Oxide Could Make Stronger Dental Fillings

Image result for Graphene oxide could make stronger dental fillingsA new research project from Romania’s National Institute of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies has revealed that Graphene Oxide can produce super strong dental fillings that do not corrode. Fillings are normally made of metals such as mercury, silver and copper, which are coupled with mixtures of powdered ceramic and glass. These typical compounds are relatively weak with regard to structure, plus they can corrode and turn into detrimental toxins to the oral environs.

Dr. Stela Pruneanu, co-author of the undertaking, mentions the main motive behind the study, which is integrating graphene into dental materials to in turn facilitate increased resistance to corrosion and improved mechanical attributes. The aggregate takes the form of either graphene oxide, nitrogen doped graphene or thermally reduced graphene oxide. By using samples of stem cells found around the teeth, the research team investigated the cytotoxicity of the material in its three different elements. Thermally graphene resulted in membrane damage and was therefore deemed inconsiderable as a dental filling matter. Nitrogen doped graphine was slightly toxic in large doses, but also displayed anti-oxidant characteristics which could be used in covering the teeth’s protective layer. Graphine oxide on the other hand proved to be ideal the ideal candidate as it exhibited the least toxicity.



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