Want Whiter Teeth? Fruit Mixture is Not the Answer

Image result for Want Whiter Teeth? Fruit Mixture is Not the AnswerSome dentistry proponents have in the past claimed that teeth whitening can be achieved via application of a concoction made up of fruits’ constituents and some baking soda. However, a research study from the Iowa University asserts the above conception is nothing but a mere notion. The conclusion was reached at after an analogical experiment involving the strawberry-baking soda remedy and over-the-counter whitening products.

The project proponents discovered that the all-natural formula was ineffective, though it proved quite useful in the removal of superficial debris. The other means were found to not only remove food components after meals, but further provide intense and longer lasting impacts.

The chemistry in the fruity mixture is to blame for its inefficiency as a teeth whitener. Strawberries lack the key hydrogen and carbamide peroxide compounds that are often added to tooth shade restoration products. Apples and lemons are also suggested alternatives, but they could also be limited as they lack the whitening components. The above undertaking is yet to experiment with these fruits.




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