Cheese May Prevent Cavities

Health proponents have since time immemorial advocated for the consumption of dairy products, asserting they are key ingredients to the overall well-being of bone structures. Now, a research project published at the journal General Dentistry mentions that cheese has the capability of protecting teeth against dental carries.

The study involved an assessment of oral pH levels of 68 subjects prior to the consumption of milk, cheese and sugar-free yoghurt. Vipul Yadav, lead author of the undertaking, provides insights on how acidity/basicity amounts affect oral health, detailing that a pH level below 5.5 is a catalyst to tooth erosion, an occurrence that plagues/breaks down the teeth’s outside layer. Therefore, the risk of developing dental carries is significantly reduced with a higher pH (above 5.5).

The experiment showed that milk and yoghurt were not able to increase pH, but cheese rapidly increased the alkalinity level due to the compound’s capability of surging saliva production (the most instinctive methodology that enables the healthy baseline acidity amounts within the mouth).



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