Additives in Prophy Paste: More than a Stain Remover, Today’s Prophy Pastes serve Multiple Purposes

Salient factors to consider when choosing a dental prophylactic paste include the type of benefits it accrues to the patients, its taste, as well as the residue formation aspect. Initially regarded as abrasive compounds, advanced technology has transcended prophy pastes to enable them partake in a wide variety of activities besides cleaning/polishing. Oral research points out to fluoride and calcium phosphate as key elements that enhance the re-mineralization process. Oral disease preventing medication with these additives should therefore be given the first priority.

Fluoride has the capability of restraining demineralization processes, and its effects are long lasting since the compound can remain on the mouth cavity to be disseminated over time with saliva release. Hygienist Amber Auger asserts that more benefits can be enjoyed with integration of other products like the xylitol, which inhibits activities of decay-causing bacteria and Streptococcus mutans.

A perfect example of a prophy taste is the four flavored Ultrapro TX with potassium nitrate and fluoride components. It’s delivered to a patient in fine, medium or course grit forms.



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