More Dental Patients Could be Spared The Drill With New Diagnostic Liquid

A new research project from the Creighton University School of Dentistry could nullify the conventional drill and fill approach often employed by dental specialists to treat tooth decay. The study team has come up diagnostic solution that can be applied on the teeth’s surface to particularly uncover the cavity stage. With the additional use of standard x-ray, dentists will have the capability of easily identifying carries and treating it at its initial phase, to in turn prevent decomposition via a pain free approach in diagnosis and medication.

The early decay stage (non-cavitated state) can be stopped without the need of a filling but the latter cavitated phase often requires it to negate the issue. Oral radiology professor Benn notes that the drill-fill method often results in a repair-destruction continual cycle for the patient, since most of these fillings are just mere replacements that require substitution over time. He further adds that with the integration of advanced treatment techniques, the diagnostic liquid solution could eliminate the need to use fillings in more than fifty percent of the carries cases.



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