Effects of Pregnancy on Oral Health

Dentistry proponents have in recent times stressed the need to maintain good oral health during pregnancy, as it plays a significant role in the overall wellness of the mother and child alike. Though pregnant women seldom take visits to dentists, health specialists assert the approach can assist in negating the dire impacts of oral ailments during the gravidity phase. A study published in the journal General Dentistry details the two main pregnancy effects, which include gingivitis and the formation of pregnancy tumors.

Gingivitis entails the bleeding and inflammation on gums, plus subsequent weakening of the overall tooth structure. Around sixty percent of pregnant women will exhibit different gingivitis levels. Crystal L. McIntosh, lead author of the aforementioned research undertaking, points out that bleeding and inflammation normally ceases three to six months after bearing the child, but it’s only possible via appropriate oral hygiene methods.

Pregnancy tumors on the other hand plague around ten percent of pregnant women. Though not cancerous, these tumor types are capable of causing instinctive bleeding in the mouth.




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