Tooth Gel: Healing Power of Aloe Vera Proves Beneficial For Teeth and Gums

Health proponents have long regarded aloe vera as a healing plant. Its use dates back to the 10th century where it was mainly employed to cater for skin cuts/burns and relieve pain. The flora species has since served as a key ingredient in cosmetics healing sunburns, skin irritation and other skin related diseases.

Recently though, aloe vera has become an active constituent in tooth gel due to its scouring and soothing features on gums and teeth alike. Dental specialists have for some time engaged in heated debates over the aforementioned capability. But a recent research project published at General Dentistry has provided valuable insights on the issue. The undertaking involved an analogy between aloe vera tooth gel and two acclaimed conventional toothpastes. The study team ultimately uncovered that the aloe vera tooth gel was just as competent in negating plaque elements, and in some cases it was even more effective than the commercial brands. The group further detailed the properties making the compound a better alternative, which included its non-abrasive feature plus its anti-inflammatory attribute that enables pain relief.




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