Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Gum Disease

In the US for instance, the overweight condition affects around a third of the nation’s population, according to the World Health Organization. A study published at the peer reviewed journal General Dentistry mentions that obesity is not only a risk factor for diabetes, heart ailments and various cancer types, but is also a contributor to gum affliction.

Charlene Krejci, lead author of the research undertaking provides details on the aforementioned linkage, pointing out that the obese anatomy continually generates cytokines, amino acids with anti-inflammatory attributes. These compounds act as a catalysts to gum disease by directly plaguing gum tissues or inhibiting the movement of blood within the same mouth region.

Oral health proponents have asserted that gum ailing is without doubt detrimental to the teeth’s anchoring frameworks and environs. AGD spokesman Samer G. Shamoon calls for a multidimensional approach in addressing the concern, entailing daily brushing and flossing, proper rinsing, together with frequent professional cleansing.




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