The Hidden Mesothelioma Risk for Dentists

Mesothelioma refers to a cancer type that plagues the mesothelial tissue, and often stems from asbestos exposure. Even though the risk of contamination may exist in unexpected areas, a recently published study has revealed that dentists and other specialists partaking in prosthetics’ casting could fall victim to the dire ailment due to the use of asbestos dental tape.

Asbestos in the Dental Industry

Asbestos has in the past been employed to manufacture the casting molds which are responsible for shaping various prosthetics including crowns and bridges. Its fire-resistant attribute made it a suitable option considering these artificial parts were generated out of subjection to high temperatures.

Mesothelioma and the Link to Asbestos

Till the 1970s, the product was considered a “miracle” compound, being abundant, relatively low-cost, and impervious to heat/relative chemical reactions. But in the following decade, oral proponents discarded the material after realizing that the airborne dust stemming from asbestos dental tape was a contributing factor to the lethal mesothelioma. It’s unfortunate that the ailing still plagues some dental specialists who came into contact with the aforementioned powder in the earlier casting undertakings.



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