New Nanotube Surface Promises Dental Implants That Heal Faster and Fight Infection

A study from the Michigan Technological University indicates that TiO2 nanotubes could negate cases of dental implant deterioration by corroborating bone growth around the artificial fix while also acting as a drug delivery system.

Dental implants refers to titanium made supportive structures which are positioned into the jawbone via surgery and firmly hold the synthetic teeth. They are often plagued by two issues: bacterial infections from the mouth’s environs plus the healing deficiency on the bone part that surrounds the device.

However, a key approach to deal with the aforementioned concerns is the use of titanium dioxide nanotubes, materials which have proved quite effective in combating infection, supporting the healing process, while also increasing the lifespan of dental implants.

Project team members in the aforementioned research conducted experiments to unravel the nanotubes’ toxicity, and ultimately discovered that they were not suppressing oral cells but rather they were promoting their growth. They further revealed that these gadgets were capable of carrying and disseminating antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds such as sodium naproxen.



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