Do Waterpiks Help?

While many are content with using the traditional method of flossing to rid plaque from the surfaces of teeth, in recent years a new technology has surfaced that claims an easier alternative to flossing: the Waterpik.

Using a highly pressured jet stream of water to remove tooth debris instead of the traditional thin string, a Waterpik is designed to be easy, reusable, user-friendly.  This device can also provide a method of flossing to those who are unable to use string floss, such as orthodontic patients with braces.

While numerous studies have been conducted comparing the efficiency of both methods, no conclusive results have emerged; some studies have found that Waterpiks were 24% more efficient than string floss in cleaning plaque, while others have claimed that Waterpiks increase the risk for gingivitis.

Regardless of which method you prefer, technology cannot substitute for good oral hygiene: just remember to keep your teeth clean.



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