Brushing teeth: New ‘Massage Method’ Quadruples Protection Against Tooth Decay, Study Suggests

A research expedition from the Gothenburg University has come up with a novel technique that eliminates cavities in teeth; proposing the rubbing of a high fluoride toothpaste against the dentines, particularly after meals. Lead author and professor at the aforementioned institution Anna Nordstrom points out that the approach has proven quite effective, with a four hundred percent protection rate.

Eight years ago, Sweden rolled out a unique toothpaste that constituted three times as much fluoride as the conventional ones, making it an over-the-counter product to specifically cater for those with a high caries risk.

First scientific evaluation

In an experimental undertaking, the study group scrutinized 16 volunteers who brushed their teeth two to three times a day on either the high fluoride or standard toothpaste. They uncovered that the high-fluoride means performed four times better.

They further tested the teeth massaging methodology and found out that it yielded the similar results to the third brushing. Anna was however quick to mention that the overture should not replace brushing, rather it should serve as a subsidiary.



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