Coffee Addicts Concerned With Dental Hygiene Create Clear Coffee

Not many could have initially conceptualized a colorless coffee drink, but now, the CLR CFF franchise has put the idea into effect by rolling out a water mimicking beverage constituting Arabica coffee beans and water. Project specialists have pointed out that a sophisticated industrial methodology, one that has never been used before, has primarily made production of the caffeinated punch a success.

But why would they opt for such an approach? The motive is quite clear: dental hygiene. Dental specialists have in previous studies noted that conventional dark-colored drinks including coffee have the capability of plaguing the teeth’s enamel, more so because these anatomy structures contain pits and ridges which can retain edible particles that in the long run transform to permanent yellow stains. The novel ideation therefore addresses this concern. Being highly acclaimed as the globe’s first colorless coffee drink, the beverage is also quite unique considering it does not bear any sweeteners, synthetic flavors, stabilizers or preservatives. The unitary bottled package contains two hundred ml of caffeine and four calories.



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