A New Buzz for Green Dentistry: BeeSure Dental Products From EcoBee

Dental specialists have in recent times seen a need to review the environmental impacts of their daily engagements. They’ve particularly realized that employing an eco-friendly approach does not compromise their workflow quality, affordability, or remarkable customer service. A perfect case study bringing the aforementioned take to the table is EcoBee, a franchise that has so far been highly acclaimed and is being emulated in the oral profession, due to the signature eco-impact products it rolls out for everyday dentistry undertakings.

The company strives to be eco-friendly in various methodologies, all of which depend on the product type. For plastic disposables for instance, the enterprise makes use of 50% pre-consumer plastic and it’s the same case for their saliva ejectors which are constructed out of 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic. For gloves, it compact packages them as a cost-saving approach which also decreases waste. Even better, the product wrap-up materials are entirely made from recycled materials to significant reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.




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