Link Between Drug Use and Poor Dental Health Confirmed

A study published at the scientific journal Addiction has revealed that persons partaking in substance abuse are more likely to develop dental caries when compared to the general population, and are also less likely to engage in dental care. Statistics from the World Health Organization indicates that drug use is surging at a rate of around three million new users with each passing year, therefore it’s undoubtedly a key concern that needs to be addressed urgently.

Direct impacts of drug use that have proved quite detrimental to oral health include the dry mouth, frequent snacking, teeth grinding, and chemical reactions on the teeth/gums. Subsidiary effects on the other hand are neglect of proper oral hygiene, consumption of high sugar diets/malnutrition, and lack of adequate dental care consultations.

Oral health is undoubtedly a significant aspect that plays a role on the overall quality of life. Poor oral health has been linked to increasing incidence of respiratory ailments, diabetes, and stroke.



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