Tooth Truth: Human Teeth Tell the Story of Humanity Through our Fragile Relationship With the Sun

Valuable insights on humanity’s essential, yet fragile relationship with the sun have surprisingly been hidden within our teeth for hundreds of millenniums. A new approach has begun unraveling relative answers to queries on migration and evolution, using evidence from the enamel’s base.

An interdisciplinary team from McMaster University and the Quebec Institution has demonstrated the method’s capability in a dissertation published in the journal Current Anthropology. Lead author of the study Megan Brickley mentions that their expedition could yield answers to important questions on initial movements and conditions of humans, while also providing info about the salience of vitamin D for modern populations.

In 2016, scientists for the first time uncovered that dentine bears the capability of displaying vitamin D deficiency/rickets. With the shortcoming, new layers of dentine cannot form, therefore minute marks are left and can be viewed under a microscope. The features could decipher early migration from equatorial Africa into low-light areas, plus impacts of indoor living on overall health.



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