Photonics in dentistry–south of the border

Dentists Zoom Laser Whitening

The Los Algodones Township in Baja California, Mexico is home to quite a relatively small population of about six thousand residents. Nevertheless, the city harbors a staggering nine hundred dentists and three hundred dental clinics, and has been highly acclaimed as the global leader with regard to dentists per capita. Expenses incurred in oral undertakings such as teeth cleaning and crowning are documented to be four times cheaper in the town than in the US. The notion out there is that Mexico might be using unsophisticated and out-of-date equipment. And yet surprisingly, Los Algodones bears the same novel machinery being used in US dental offices. Some are even further equipped with photonics.

A great number of dentists in the subject area can partake in Zoom laser whitening, particularly by combining ultraviolet laser and special hydrogen peroxide gel. This approach has made the expedition a one-time affair taking about forty-five minutes, a relatively short time span when compared with the conventional non-laser based whitening.

The resident Sani Dental group has some of the most distinguished equipment in the country; one is the panoramic and digital periapical X-ray machines lacking in most clinics across the globe.
They also have the latest laser apparatus catering to periodontal ailments, tissue regeneration, and teeth cleaning.

Is Venezuela on a path to civil war?


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