A Statement Of Purpose

My name is Jaejun, and at the time of writing I’m heading into my sophomore year of high school. Here’s a little introduction to start off my blog:

My favorite mammal in 5th grade was the paramecium, for two distinct reasons:

1) I was in 5th grade and thought that the word ‘mammal’ was a generic term used to describe interesting animals (like lions, or humans).

2) In the few weeks before 5th grade started, I had received a light microscope for my 10th birthday and spent much of my time obsessively building fantasy lives for the various paramecia I observed with my new gift.

While I no longer dwell on the imaginary world of anthropomorphic single celled organisms, my love for biology is something that has still stayed with me. Over the years, I’ve found myself particularly fascinated by the great strides that the world has made in the field of biotechnology, and am constantly amazed at the new inventions that are being patented every day.

That’s why I created this website- blogging about biotech will give me the opportunity not only to track my own progress in this field, but also allow readers to gain more exposure to matter and ideas that they may not be familiar with.

In addition to biotechnology, my blog will also have a smaller focus on nanotechnology and dental technology. As a child, a big hobby of mine (besides talking with paramecia) was Lego building. I loved using my hands and combining smaller blocks in order to create a detailed final product, and when I started on a set it would often be 5 or 6 hours before I looked up again to take a quick break. When my cousin sarcastically suggested that I should become a dentist due to my hobby working with extremely small objects, I took her advice seriously- years of Lego building had made me pretty dextrous and detail-oriented, and a career in nanotechnology seemed like an actual possibility given my passion for biology as well. Using her suggestion as a baseline, I began researching on the career of biomedical engineering more specifically related to dental technology, and found the matter extremely interesting. In the long run, I hope that I continue to pursue this interest by blogging about relevant material as well as learning more about future engineering opportunities in the field of medicine or dentistry.

Taking The Genic Route is a personal blog of mine, and one that I hope to develop and refine as I go through my high school and college career- and maybe even beyond that. In the long run, I hope that this blog will serve as a consistent workplace for my biotech research, and it would be even better if project could develop into an online community that encompasses a variety of like-minded students with a strong interest in biology. For now, I hope that this brief introduction was helpful, and expect more posts to come soon.